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Located: 588 Glen Huntly Rd Elsternwick Vic, 3185

Phone: 0481 731 474


THE DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL (perfect for teenage & problematic skin)      


  • Cleansing.

  • Exfoliation.

  • Steamer (to open up the pores)

  • Extractions using a Ventouse (a tiny vacuum to suck out impurities of the skin causing no scarring - unlike excessive squeezing can).

  • High Frequency (to sterilise open pores).

  • Two Masks :  A C02 cleansing mask & Parsley cooling mask.

  • Camphor Toner.

  • Special Healing Cream (which is recommended to remain on for at least 12 hours). 

*I also apply a mild topical anaesthesia on the skin for minimal discomfort .

NON-SURGICAL FACE-LIFT FIRMING FACIAL (ideal for dehydrated & lacklustre skin)  


  • Cleanse.

  • Exfoliate.

  • Special Selected Ampoule (depending on skin type).

  • Two Facial Massages:  Deep Tissue Massage (using an Ultrasound Machine to firm muscles under the skin) and a Deep Skin Massage (Specifically for tightening up the skin).

  • Two Masks : Primrose Mask & Blue Clay Mask (for deeper absorption of the ampoule).

  • PH Balancing Toner.

  • Special Healing Cream (which is recommended to remain on for at least 12 hours).



  • Cleanse.

  • Exfoliate.

  • Either High Frequency or Deep Skin Massage.

  • Mask (either C02 Mask or Primrose Mask).

  • Toner.

  • Special Healing Cream.

I offer a range of facials suitable for any skin type. From problematic, acne prone skin to dehydrated, saggy & dull skin I will have a treatment for you. I use high quality machines for my facial treatments & only use Madame Korner™ products which are both Australian made and owned.